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In addition to our assortment of 5-string scale lengths, we now offer several alternative neck options for any CMB model including 6-string necks and 17 or 19-fret 4-string tenor necks.

Our 6-string banjo neck is similar to a traditional 25.5″ scale 5-string banjo with short top string, but with an extra bass string that is very handy for exploring the lower octaves.

17-fret Irish Tenor – 21.5″ scale, 1 3/16″ nut, tuned GDAE
19-fret Tenor – 22.75″ scale, 1 3/16″ nut, tuned CGDA
Left-handed neck
Fretless fingerboard


Irish Tenor Banjo Video

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Weight 1 lbs
Neck Type

5 String, 17 Fret Tenor, 19 Fret Tenor, 6 String Banjo

Left-Handed Neck

None, Lefty


Fretted (standard), Fretless