Cedar Mountain Bella Rosa peghead
Inlay Options (J 200, Vintage Line, Ukes)

If not purchasing a specific trim package, please choose your inlay preferences for the J 200 or Vintage Line. Sorry, we do not offer shell inlay for international orders- An acrylic pearl substitute is available for moon & stars and … Continued

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TKL hard case

High-quality and durable TKL hard cases are only available with banjo purchase. Because of risk of damage, we only ship banjos with a hard case.

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Cedar Mountain L3 with S scoop
Scoop Options

Choose your desired frailing scoop, or full fretboard. Does not apply to ukes, mandolins, or tenor neck options. Skip this option if purchasing a Vintage Line 3-grade trim package with S scoop included.

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Cedar Mountain 6 string neck option
Neck Options

In addition to our assortment of 5-string scale lengths, we now offer several alternative neck options for any CMB model including 6-string necks and 17 or 19-fret 4-string tenor necks. Our 6-string banjo neck is similar to a traditional 25.5″ … Continued

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Cedar Mountain L3
Specifications Options

Choose your desired scale length, neck width, and rim size for J 200, Bungalow, and Vintage Line.

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Cedar Mountain walnut Bungalow with brass hardware
Hardware Options (J 200, Vintage Line, Bungalow)

Choose either nickel or brass hardware, and/or tone ring preference. Nickel is available on all models, brass hardware and tone rings are only available on Vintage Line, Bungalow, and J 200.   CMB Tone Ring Sound Samples

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