Bella Rosa
Bella Rosa

Designed for versatility and a wide range of playing styles, the new Bella Rosa model combines classy design features and refined sound with CMB’s elegant simplicity. Equipped with an 11″ Tubaphone tone ring, the Bella Rosa delivers a rich warm, … Continued

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Introducing The Bramble, CMB's first full bluegrass model.
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Cedar Mountain A2 with pearl ginseng inlay
Appalachian & Foothills Model

The A and FH models incorporate classic CMB features in a simple but elegant design. It incorporates CMB’s granadillo block tone rim with curly maple or mahogany neck and matching dowel stick. We are now offering the ‘Standard’ version in … Continued

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Cedar Mountain L2 with abalone moon & stars inlay
L Model

The Vintage Line banjos incorporate the classic features for which CMB is best known. The L Model is Lo Gordon’s signature banjo featuring a granadillo block tone rim and curly maple or mahogany neck with matching dowel stick. We are … Continued

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Cedar Mountain Bungalow model
Bungalow Model

The Bungalow model by CMB is inspired by the arts and crafts bungalow-style architecture and design movement common throughout the Asheville area in the early 20th century. This tradition of functional art and rustic elegance endures with CMB’s Bungalow model … Continued

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Cedar Mountain Jubilo peghead with cardinal inlay
J 200
Fully customizable features at a reasonable price.
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World-class craftsmanship at an affordable price. Check our available inventory and dealers for the newest stock!
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The Brainjo is a collaborative project between CMB and Brainjo Productions. Please click HERE to learn more and place an order.
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Cedar Mountain banjo mandolin
Ukes & Mandolins

Our banjo ukes and mandolins are professional-grade instruments with excellent sound and playability. Starting at $1150, we offer soprano, tenor and baritone ukes as well as standard-scale mandolins. They are constructed with an 8″ maple rim (10″ for baritone uke), … Continued

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