Here at CMB, our building process is optimized for maximum flexibility, consistency, and safety. Because we don’t utilize mass manufacturing techniques or automation, we can easily integrate custom orders and specifications while maintaining an efficient process with relatively short client wait times. Our Brainjo and Jubilo models are made in larger batches with standardized specifications to keep production costs down. All of our materials are sourced from reputable suppliers with a strong track record of quality and reliability in the industry. All wood working is done entirely in our shop in Mills River, North Carolina.
Wood. All of our wood comes from specialized musical instrument suppliers, stored in a humidity-controlled area for a minimum of several weeks to several months, and carefully selected and inspected before being used.
Necks. Shortly after arriving, neck billets are sawn down the middle and stored to allow the wood grain tension to ease. The halves are then joined, planed, and bookmatched with opposing grain for maximum neck rigidity and stability. Two necks and matching dowel sticks can be cut from each neck billet, and slots are cut lengthwise to accommodate a two-way adjustable truss rod. Cutters and sanders are used for volume removal, and the final form is carefully sculpted and sanded by hand.
Rims. Block rims are constructed by cutting ring segments out of a plank with a bandsaw. They are then end-trimmed, sorted by grain orientation, and glued together with a high-performance epoxy. The rims are then turned down to size using various grinding and sanding techniques, which results in a smoother surface and finish than lathe-turning.
Finishing. The neck, rim and dowel stick are carefully prepped for finishing using grain filler (when applicable), grain raising, and fine-grit sandpaper. A water-based urethane varnish finish is then applied by hand and carefully rubbed out and polished.
Hardware. We only use high-quality hardware and tuners from US and Canada-based suppliers. 


Crafting a Cedar Mountain Banjo Video