Exotic Woods – Changes in the Vintage Line

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rosewood logAs some of you may know, the availability of certain species of rosewood have been rapidly diminishing over the past several years. Because of this, we are discontinuing the use of Honduras rosewood in our Vintage Line banjos. For the past couple of years we have been using granadillo, a type of rosewood from Central America as a substitute. Granadillo is very similar in density, tone and color to Honduras rosewood and our past clients have been very happy with its performance.

In an effort to curb our use of exotics we are also now offering an all-walnut or all-maple ‘Standard’ version of the L and A/FH models. These will be available at the lowest price point, with granadillo and mahogany being offered as upgrades. We will be posting photos and sound samples online as they become available.

L Model product page

A/FH Model product page

Or check out our Bungalow Model which is made entirely of domestic woods native to the Southeastern US.